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            小編: 5

                   “聊天”一直以來都是雅思口語考試出題人很青睞的話題,以前有過part2話題是讓我們描述一次和陌生人愉快聊天的經歷(Describe an interesting conversation you had with a stranger),最近考的是和朋友的一個開心的聊天經歷(Describe a time you had a happy conversation with a friend)。

                   對于不愛聊天的考生來說,這些話題確實難為人了,尤其是和陌生人聊天,這難道不是社恐們最怕的事嗎?可是社恐也要考雅思的呀。遇到這種從未有過的經歷,我覺得不妨大膽跟考官說:I’m sorry, I don’t have such experience of talking with a stranger. Would you please change a topic for me?




            What do young people talk about when they get together?

            They may talk about anything including relationships, exams, and they may also gossip about other friends. I would say that girls and boys are usually interested in different topics. Young girls like to talk about the problems they are facing with their boyfriends. They may need some suggestions from other girls to make a decision. Young boys, however, don’t usually discuss relationships. They are more likely to talk about the latest games and play games together. I don’t think boys talk much when they get together. They play more.

            Do young people talk about news and politics?

            Of course, they do. From the comments on social media hot news, we can see that young people care a lot about news and politics. They are willing to express their opinions and have discussions with other people who are totally strangers. Of course, they would also discuss these topics when they have dinners with their friends.

            On what occasions would people talk with strangers?

            There are many situations when people would talk with strangers. The first one I can think about is that when people are traveling on a train or a plane, they tend to feel bored with their phone and become interested in other passengers who sit around them. It’s the time when many people would love to start a conversation with a stranger. Another situation is probably when people have received help from a stranger by accident. To express one’s gratitude, one may start to talk with this nice stranger to learn more about this person. Well, these are the occasions I can think about.

            Do you think it’s difficult to talk with a stranger?

            I think it all depends on whether this stranger has the willingness to talk or not. If the stranger is nice and enthusiastic in answering questions and having discussions, it wouldn’t be that difficult to talk with them. However, there are also many strangers who are indifferent. They may not be interested in having any conversation. No matter what you say, they only answer with yes or no or I don’t know. In this case, we should know it’s best not to continue to interrupt this stranger. It would be really awkward to talk with people who don’t care.

            Is it important to be a listener when we interact with our friends?

            absolutely it’s important to be a listener. In many situations, our friends just want to get something off their chest. They hope their friends would be patient enough to listen to them nagging. It’s possible they have come across very annoying things in their life and feel really upset about it. Definitely they need a listener who wouldn’t give so many opinions but just sitting there quietly and only nodding from time to time.


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